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Equipement de securité et autodefense/Self-defense and protection hardware


1) Self-Security hardware only for states and agrement from states to delivry:




Poids et dimensions

Masse (non chargé)M16 :3,1 kg
M16A1 :3,18 kg
M16A2/A3/A4 :3,77 kg

Masse (chargé)M16 :3,42/3,55 kg (selon chargeur)
M16A1 :3,5/3,63 kg (selon chargeur)
M16A2/A3/A4 :4,47 kg

Longueur(s)986 mm
M16A2/A3/A4 :1006 mm

Longueur du canon508 mm

Caractéristiques techniques

Mode d'actionEmprunt de gaz
culasse rotative

Portée pratique800 m

Cadence de tir750 à 900 coups/min

Vitesse initiale975 m/s

Capacité20-30 coups

VariantesM16A1, M16A2,
M16A3 et M16A4









ass3.7kg (with long barrel and empty 30-round magazine)

Length780 mm, 730 mm, 680 mm (Assault Rifle, Carbine, DMR)

Cartridge5.56×45mm NATO


ActionGas-operated, rotating bolt

Rate of fire800 to 850 round/min, cyclic

Muzzle velocity900 to 950 m/s

Effective firing range450 m

Feed systemVarious STANAG Magazines

SightsIron sights
Various scopes/sights can be attached on the picatinny rail via carry handle.
Two picatinny rails on both sides of upper receiver (Sama model




Self-protection equipment from 50000fcfa to 500000fcfa per unity

Housse de gilet pare-balles passants MOLLE - Patrol



2) Research and Development :

Contrat modality for 200000Fcfa per unity per fusil or 357 USD dollars

for 30000 unity the cost is 06 milliards Fcfa  10.7 Millions usd

Duration = 24months maximum

initial pâyment = 20 millions  fcfa

Duration development =06 months maximum

Monthly payment = 250 millions  fcfa or 4470000USD per month

Benefit = Arms Technology is developing in Mali and Mali army are good equiped.


Please note for have these hardwares you need the agrement and authorisation from your state.

With these hardware we recommande you do not kills anyone by your wish but injured only if required.

All Right.